Dr. Phil meets a family that says they are pushed to the edge by their youngest member: 13-year-old Jonelle, whose fits of rage and anger have resulted in kicking a hole in the kitchen wall, smashing a phone, and even being admitted to a mental health facility. Jonelle’s mother, Jennifer, reached out to Dr. Phil for help with her raging teen daughter, who she says is mourning the loss of her father who died suddenly last year. Dr. Phil analyzes video footage of Jonelle’s explosive rage at home to see what clues there are to help her find a calmer way to communicate. Also joining the conversation is Jonelle’s 19-year-old sister, Chloe, who says Jonelle’s anger attacks have left her in tears. Watch while Jonelle’s older sister Makenzie tells Dr. Phil that despite being Jonelle’s favorite, even she is not immune to her youngest sister’s volatile temper. Will Dr. Phil be able to help Jonelle curb her unbridled emotions? Tune in to find out! --

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