It’s a mystery that made local news and brought together three mothers under tragic circumstances. Two young people vanished and one was murdered within weeks of each other in Bakersfield, California. They became known as the “Bakersfield 3.” In March 2018, Cheryl’s son Micah disappeared. Two weeks later, Di’s son, James, was shot and killed. The two young men knew each other, and so their moms believed the cases were connected. Then, two weeks after James’ murder, Baylee, who was also in their circle, disappeared. The three mothers searched for answers and met for the first time with Dr. Phil in 2018. Since then, countless tips have come to the police, and there has been a heartbreaking discovery discussed with these families. Also, criminal charges have been made. Find out who among the "Bakersfield 3" has been accused of horrific crimes.

Part two,"The "Bakersfield 3": Moms Confront Their Own Demons, airs Wednesday. Watch more from the familes' 2019 Dr. Phil appearance, “What Happened To The Bakersfield 3,” and “Mothers Of The Bakersfield 3 React To New Information.”


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