JonBenet Ramsey’s murder is one of the most notorious cold cases in America. As the 20-year anniversary approaches, Burke Ramsey, JonBenet’s older brother is finally breaking his two decades long silence. Millions of people have been watching the interviews. Today, Dr. Phil addresses some of the thousands of viewer questions, and, in a preview of part 3 of Burke Ramsey's interview, discusses the hard evidence that exonerated Burke and his family.

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Dr. Phil Defends Burke Ramsey’s Demeanor During Interview: ‘He’s Just Nervous’
What Did DNA Evidence Reveal About The Murder Of JonBenet Ramsey?
The Number One Thing That Made People Question The Ramseys Involvement In JonBenet’s Murder
How The Ramsey Family Learned They Were Being Targeted By The Boulder Police

Dr. Phil Answers Viewers' Questions About His Exclusive Interview With Burke Ramsey

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