Rich says 10 years ago, 30 seconds changed his family’s life forever when an electrical fire destroyed his home.

His 10-year-old daughter, Reina, was trapped inside her bedroom while his wife, Kathy, was praying from outside. Reina survived that night after Rich rushed into the burning home to save her, but the $1.5 million insurance settlement was no reward for all the scars left behind -- nearly 80% of her body had third-degree burns. Rich and Kathy say since Reina turned 20 years old, she’s been more irresponsible and reckless -- partying, dropping out of college, blowing through her money, and sleeping all day. Kathy says her daughter may walk around with a pretty smile, but she knows that there’s something ugly going on underneath it all. Dr. Phil works to get to the core of Reina’s behavior and even shares a personal story that will move you to tears.

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