Missing woman Kala Brown made national headlines when she was discovered alive two months after she mysteriously disappeared in South Carolina.

She says she was kidnapped, locked in a metal storage container and chained by the neck on the isolated property of a man police now suspect is a serial killer. Kala speaks out for the first time in an exclusive interview telling her story about her life in captivity.

Watch more of Kala's story in part 2.

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Woman Describes Moment She Realized Daughter Was Missing
How Kala Brown’s Mom Learned Her Daughter Was Found -- And Alive
Alleged Kidnap Survivor Remembers Boyfriend Who She Says Was Killed In Front Of Her
Woman Who Was Allegedly Kidnapped And Held Captive For Two Months Shares Her Story
Kala Brown Tells Her Story Of The Day She Was Allegedly Kidnapped By Suspected Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp
Kala Brown Claims She Watched Boyfriend Charlie Carver Get Killed In Front Of Her
Woman Describes What She Claims Happened In Storage Container Where She Was Allegedly Held Captive By Suspected Serial Killer For Two Months
Alleged Kidnap Victim Explains Why She Believes Her Boyfriend Was Shot And Killed 
Kala Brown Claims Alleged Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp Kidnapped Her, Tied Her Up and Raped Her

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