Blake’s younger sister, Lauren, was held captive in a closet by their mother and stepfather for six years.

Blake says she was "brainwashed" by her parents into believing that Lauren deserved to be in the closet. She says she and her siblings referred to Lauren as “that girl,” “it,” and “the problem.” Blake says she tried to help Lauren by sneaking her food. Blake also says she’s carried guilt for not rescuing her little sister.

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Sister Of Abused Girl Says Parents Called Her ‘That Girl,’  ‘It,’ Or ‘The Problem.’  ‘They Never Used Her Name’

‘I Always Wanted To Have A Relationship With My Siblings,’ Says Woman Who Was Kept In A Closet As A Child

‘I Wanted To Tell People, But I Just Didn’t Have The Resources, And I Was Scared’ Says Woman Who Says She Let Her Sister Down By Not Rescuing Her From Parents’ Abuse
Abuse Survivor’s Mother Reaches Out From Behind Bars: ‘I Don’t Know The Right Words To Say To You To Explain What I Did’

‘Forgiving Someone Doesn’t Mean That You’re Saying What They Did Was OK’

Why Sisters Say They Refuse To Have Contact With Their Mother

‘I Get Really Lonely A Lot Of Times Because I Feel 
Like I Have No One'

New Hope For Lauren

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