As over 30 million Americans quit their jobs this year, Dr. Phil welcomes guests from very different backgrounds to discuss “The Great Resignation” and the phenomenon of “Rage Quitting.” Twenty-one-year-old Edwin says he went viral after posting a video of himself quitting his job in a major store using the PA system. Dr. Phil also speaks to leadership consultant Mike Ashie, who disagrees with how Edwin quit his job. Then, Dr. Phil welcomes money expert Mandi Woodruff Santos, who says she quit her job six times in 10 years and increased her salary by over $100,000! Watch while Dr. Phil discusses “The Great Resignation” with eminent Harvard Business School professor Tsedal Neeley, who claims working from home is the future for millions of Americans. Plus, Dr. Phil speaks to Jessica, a mother of three who says she made a radical career change that has transformed her life!

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