A mother says she was assaulted in front of her family at a fast-food restaurant, and a young man was beaten on a New York street in broad daylight. What do these incidents have in common? They were allegedly instigated by hate. In the U.S. in 2020, there were approximately 8,000 hate crimes reported to the FBI by law enforcement agencies. However, some Department Of Justice experts say they believe the number is closer to 250,000 per year. Dr. Phil speaks with parents, Gabriel and Nerissa, their daughter, Patricia, and their attorney, Sandy Roxas, who explain why they feel anti-Asian hate is often overlooked. The close-knit family says they are traumatized after a recent incident at a fast-food drive-thru involving a stranger who mocked them using a fake Asian accent. How do they claim the police reacted even with videotaped evidence? And, why do they say they feel ignored? They say they’re sharing their heartbreaking testimony as a call for everyone -- no matter their background -- to stand up in solidarity against hate.

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