The term “Karen” has become one of the most notorious names of the year. Dr. Phil investigates this term and the people it is ascribed to: typically white, middle class, entitled, aggressive or racist women. Dr. Phil meets Sandrella, dubbed “Trader Joe’s Karen,” after a video of her screaming in a supermarket for being told to wear a mask went viral. James, a man who was reprimanded by a couple for stenciling “Black Lives Matter” on his own wall, reveals how the video he took changed his life and his accusers' lives forever. Watch when Sandrella and James get into a heated argument over the “BLM” movement. Dr. Phil also meets Brian and Kelly Anne, who came to verbal blows at an anti-mask rally in Toronto, resulting in Kelly Anne comparing people who think they can force masks on others because of a government mandate to obedient citizens who listened to Hitler! Plus, eminent academics Wendy Murphy and Dr. N’Senga Burton have a spirited debate over whether the term “Karen” is misogynistic. Don’t miss it!

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