Today, an exclusive interview with Tonia Bales, the first wife of the infamous con artist “Dirty John” Meehan. Tonia shares the details of her 10-year marriage for the first time with Dr. Phil and discusses her new podcast available on Audible, The First Wife: John Meehan’s Reign of Terror. She is later joined by the second wife of Meehan, Debra Newell, who says she survived an emotionally abusive relationship with the known con man. Debra has returned with a positive update and to talk about her new book, Surviving Dirty John: My True Story of Love, Lies, and Murder. Then, hear from Debra’s daughter  Terra Newell, who says she was a victim of “Dirty John” Meehan in a violent attack. She ​is also called a hero by many, as she was the one who ​fatally stabbed John Meehan in self-defense.



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