If you think only guilty people confess to crimes, think again. Innocent people are often convicted after providing police with a false confession -- and many of them are underage. Terrill Swift was 17 when he claims Chicago police officers lied to him during an interrogation, accusing him and three other teens of raping and murdering a woman. Swift spent more than a decade in prison for a crime he did not commit before he was exonerated in 2012 based on DNA evidence. Brendan Dassey, featured in the Netflix series “Making a Murderer,” was in high school when he was interrogated – and remains in prison today for his alleged role in the murder of Tereasa Halbach. His attorney, Laura Nirider, claims Dassey’s confession was coerced and unjust. Plus, Dave Thompson, an expert in interrogation training and a certified forensic interviewer, tells parents what they need to know to prevent this from happening to their children.