Jon Vaughn, Tad Deluca, and Chuck Christian are former University of Michigan athletes who claim they are victims of one of the biggest sex abuse scandals on a university campus. More than 1,000 people have accused the late U of M doctor Robert Anderson of sexual misconduct. For 37 years, Anderson allegedly abused his power by preying on young athletes and students under the guise of medicine. Jon claims Anderson targeted his victims because he knew they would never tell. These three men share their courageous stories of how they decided to step out of anonymity as “John Does” and become the faces of sexual abuse.

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Chuck’s son Micah sat with his father (aka “Superman”) and had an honest conversation about his journey battling cancer. Micah shared with Chuck a song he wrote for his father, which opened an opportunity for them to cry together for the first time since his diagnosis. Micah says he wanted to encourage him and let him know how much he is loved, and that even in his vulnerability, he is still Superman. Chuck wanted to share this with other cancer and sexual abuse survivors. Click here to watch.