Diamond was a depressed teen named Brandon who never left the bedroom and always wore a hoodie and face shield or sunglasses to hide from the world.

However, in the past year, Brandon has transitioned into a beautiful young woman named Diamond. She says she’s the happiest she’s ever been and her glamorous lifestyle is like a movie or a music video. However, her mom, Kristi, says Diamond is jobless, homeless, and emotionally unstable. She says her daughter has been kicked out of 13 shelters/homes in the past year, and banned from all Salvation Army shelters nationwide! Kristi says she gives Diamond half her paycheck, but Diamond still puts herself in constant danger by escorting. Kristi says she worries about Diamond 24/7 and is choosing to be homeless with Diamond just to take care of her. Diamond’s brother, Mitch, says Diamond is an entitled narcissist who has selfishly taken over his mother’s life. He says if things don’t change, he wants them both out of his life for good. Can Dr. Phil help piece this family back together and set Diamond on a better path? Find out!

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