Dr. Phil devotes his platform to shine a light on the 2015 disappearance and subsequent death of 18-year-old Ebby Steppach; a story that dominated national news. Ebby’s body was found in a drainpipe in her hometown of Little Rock, AR, and the mystery that still shrouds her death has left an indelible mark of grief on her family and friends, especially Ebby’s mother, Laurie. Laurie, who has met with Dr. Phil twice, returns because she says she is now pleading with the public to share any information they may have. Catherine Townsend, a dynamic private investigator, says she has been working on the case for the past 18 months and believes the police are wrong to call Ebby’s death a suicide and that her killer could still be found. See what happens when she takes a closer look at the drainpipe where Ebby was found – what does she say it proves? Then, Eric, Ebby’s on-again, off-again boyfriend, reveals vital information on Ebby’s behaviors right up until her disappearance. Could it help solve the mystery? Plus, hear from Debi, Ebby’s paternal grandmother, who has never spoken to the media because she says so much of the media got her granddaughter’s story wrong.

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Ebby Steppach Tiplines
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