Melinda, Jovana and Michelle say they thought it was a dream come true when they found a company called SDWR or Service Dogs By Warren Retrievers, that claimed to train Labrador Retrievers to detect glucose levels in children and adults with diabetes.

But these women say they now believe it was all a scam that left them with very expensive pets that were not equipped to save lives. Mollie, another customer of SDWR, however, says the Labrador Retriever she got saved her daughter’s life when the dog detected that her daughter’s blood sugar was dangerously low. And, an endocrinologist, Dr. Beach, says his SDWR service dog can fetch his meter, juice and even alerted another staff member when there was a problem. Are the dogs provided by SDWR able to save lives, or is this business a scam?

Women Claim They Were Scammed By A Service Dog Company That Promised Their Dogs Could Save Lives
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