Josh says he deeply loves his fiancée, Jen, but is ready to call it quits because he claims she viciously attacks him every other day. Josh says Jen scratches, slaps, and punches him, and has even pulled a steak knife on him — twice!

Josh admits he has also been physical with Jen but claims it was absolutely necessary in order to protect himself. Jen admits to her violent behavior toward Josh but says his reactions to her violence are 10 times worse than anything she has done to him. Jen claims Josh has ripped out chunks of her hair, given her black eyes, broken her collarbone, and even slammed her head into the refrigerator! Jen says she believes Josh has been cheating on her throughout their relationship – which he denies - and wants him to apologize and take responsibility for his part in their dysfunctional relationship. Is there any hope for this “toxic” relationship? Can Dr. Phil help end this cycle of violence for the sake of Jen and Josh’s 19-month-old daughter? Find out!

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