Teri says a few weeks after her husband, Ryan, was electrocuted while fixing his Christmas lights, she noticed the 27-year-old police sergeant started having panic attacks daily.

Teri says Ryan has racked up $50,000 in doctors’ bills and spends his time lying on the floor wearing breathing strips and covered in essential oils because he’s convinced they will stop him from having the attacks – even though doctors say nothing is wrong. Teri says his behavior has consumed their life and it’s tearing their family apart. Then, Samantha says her loving husband Matthew’s behavior seemed to change overnight. Samantha claims that Matthew slept in a tent in a garage, hid under a bridge, spent $20,000 a month and further claims that he had “three psychic breaks in three days.” Samantha also claims that, after Matthew was voluntarily committed and released, Matthew “fled,” and she hasn’t seen him since. Both Matthew and Samantha were ready and excited to meet with Dr. Phil but after some very strange developments, they disappeared. Did they make it to the show? You won’t want to miss this shocking episode of Dr. Phil.

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