Tina claims she doesn’t know how her 11-year-old daughter’s behavior has become aggressive and violent. She claims her daughter has killed a cat, tried to smother her baby brother and has become physical with other children.

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The young mom of two admits she has given up custody of her daughter twice -- and now Tina says she is accused of abandoning and failing to protect her child.

Dr. Phil explains to Tina that she must take ownership in her daughter’s behavior because she is the mother, and because her behavior and unstable home life is probably contributing to her daughter’s conduct.

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In the video above, he reviews 10 parental fitness factors that Tina must meet before she can regain custody of her child. Can she cross any off the list?

“These are all big things, and if you don’t check those off, not only are you not going to be able to mother the 11-year-old, you’re not going to be able to mother the 1-year-old,” he tells her. “These children deserve to be in a home that meets those 10 criteria, and until you can provide those 10 criteria, they need to be somewhere they can have those 10 criteria.”

Dr. Phil offers Tina resources to help her meet the criteria. Watch more of Wednesday’s show here.

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Today's Takeaway: Meeting Parenting Standards

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Today's Takeaway: Meeting Parenting Standards