Alisha says her 10-year-old son, Kevin, has impulsive behaviors and frequent rages, and is “obsessed” with wanting to hurt someone.

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Noting that Kevin has played a game called “school shooter” with his cousins – where he portrayed the gunman – she says, “I’m very worried that he is capable of something like that.”

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Alisha’s sisters, Angela and Amelia, say they’re frightened of their nephew and insist he is a danger to those around him.

“I do not let Kevin sleep over at my house any longer because I can’t watch him while we sleep,” says Angela. She claims she’s been bitten, hit, kicked and punched by the child and says she and Amelia have to watch him around their own children.

When Dr. Phil asks, “What do you think is going on here?” how do the sisters respond?

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