Some teens are catty, mean and love to spread lies, but what happens when gossip goes too far? Dr. Phil shares a personal story and confronts the gossip about himself. He also speaks with teen girls who have been tangled in a web of gossip that has changed their lives forever.


Straight from the Horse's Mouth

Dr. Phil reveals the facts about his visit with Britney Spears. "I wanted to take time today to tell you what you don't know and what you should know, because it's been discussed in the tabloids, on television with every kind of expert and commentator weighing in, but very few facts anywhere in sight."

Read excerpts from Dr. Phil's statement about the events surrounding his visit with Britney Spears.


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Punishment Fit the Prank?

Kim says her daughter, Kailey, has been the victim a prank. She claims two of Kailey's cheer squad friends took a picture of Kailey while she was showering and sent it to the football team. One of the girls' fathers says the girls were playing around and everyone needs to move on.

"My daughter's being treated more like an outcast than the victim."

Repeat Offenders?

Kelli, another parent, says this isn't the first time these cheer girls have tried to embarrass a teammate. She says they took a picture of her daughter in her bra and panties. And, the father of the other accused girl has been very outspoken. Find out what he has to say.

"That is a complete lie."

Virtual Threats, Real Damage
What started with gossip, ended with two teenage girls convicted of a crime. Now one family faces losing their home over what the teens wrote online about another classmate.

Did the punishment fit the crime? You be the judge.

Forum to Spread Rumors

Elizabeth created a Web site that allows people to gossip about anything and anyone. Kristen was a victim of gossip posted on the site. When she shares her story, will Elizabeth think twice about her site?

"With this site, you actually have the chance to defend yourself."