What happens when a parent's agenda becomes so extreme that his or her children are forced to live a harsh, stoic existence?


"God Will Provide"

Dan and Janna have seven kids, no income, no heat, no running water and are about to lose their house. They believe that their primitive lifestyle is God's will, and that they are being led by the Lord.


"I have always believed that the Lord will come through, and the mortgage will be paid."



Concerned Family

Janna's mom, Carol, and stepdad, Rich, feel that Dan and Janna's home environment is almost cult-like, and they are worried about the health of their grandchildren. Are they getting enough to eat? Are they warm enough?


"The kids don't know a train wreck is coming."



Practical Solutions?

Dan has had eight failed businesses but has recently applied for positions at other companies. While he awaits a job offer, he works on his projects around the house.


Breeding tropical fish and growing fruit trees.



Why Giving Them Money Won't Help

Dan's sister, Chris, joins the show via Web cam. She says Dan has put their parents in debt and now they have no retirement account. Dr. Phil tells Dan his thoughts on what needs to happen for this family's survival. 


"Pray to God, but row for the shore."