Living with an alcoholic parent is one of the most difficult and heart-wrenching experiences a child can go through. Heather, 28, and Alexandra, 21, say their mother, Joey, is a pathetic drunk, and if she doesn't get clean once and for all, they will walk away from her forever.


Her Greatest Fear Come True?

Joey says she had her first drink at 7 and was drinking heavily by 15. She's now 54 and about to lose everything. Confronted by her family and Dr. Phil, will Joey choose to clean up her act?


Former guest and addict Joani gives her an unvarnished look at her life.





A Heart-Breaking Childhood

Heather and Alexandra recount what life was like growing up with an alcoholic mother.




"We were a total mess."





Putting the Public in Peril

Joey reluctantly gave her keys over to her family after being confronted about driving drunk. Dr. Phil tells them all that that's not enough.



"I would have her arrested and put under the damn jail."