When you get married, you look forward to a life filled with love, happiness and security. But what if you find out your spouse has been telling you lies and is someone completely different than the person you thought you knew?



Who's the Liar?

Elizabeth says her husband, Matt, is a pathological liar, a con man and an alcoholic who has lied about everything from what he does for a living to dying of cancer. Matt says Elizabeth is a sociopath, and he accuses her of molesting her 12-year-old son.


When Dr. Phil asks some tough questions, will the truth come out?



Falling for a Con?

Randy and Rhonda are a married couple who have invited Matt to live in their home. They believe they are caring for him through what may be the final phase of his life.



"When you love someone, you do whatever you can to help them."



Who's Telling the Truth?

In an effort to sift through the mudslinging and get to the truth, Matt and Elizabeth agree to take a lie detector test.




Find out who was deceitful in answering every question.



Custody Battle Heats up

Matt and Elizabeth are currently separated and negotiating for custody of their two young daughters. After their first visit to court, an argument ensues outside the courthouse and sparks fly. 



Matt makes a shocking statement about his daughters.