Every bride wants to shine on her special day - from wearing the perfect gown to hosting the most extravagant reception. But what happens when the dream of the perfect wedding turns into a nightmare?




Altar Anguish

Janae's husband, Michael, got so drunk before their wedding ceremony that he passed out cold after saying "I do" and didn't wake up until the next day! Janae attended the reception by herself and spent her wedding night with her bridesmaids at a hotel.


Can she ever forgive Michael's mishaps, or is he doomed to the doghouse?



The Belle of the Ball

Angela says on her special day, "It's my way or the highway!" She even created a newsletter for her bridesmaids with the rules and regulations they must follow to participate in her wedding! Her sister, Vanessa, worries that Angela's nitpicking will cause her fiancé, Marvin, to run for the hills.


What's behind Angela's controlling behavior?