Karen writes: Dear Dr. Phil, My husband mentally abuses me. I've never, in my life, had a guy tell me how fat I am, how terrible I look, or criticize how I put my makeup on. He constantly calls me names and makes fat jokes. Sometimes I have to hide in the bathroom when I eat something just so we won't fight about it. Any time I try to get close to him, he literally pushes me away and says, "Don't even touch me until you're under 200 pounds" ...




Rick says he's upset that his wife, Karen, gained weight after they got married. They fight daily over the topic, and he says she provokes him.


See how Rick tries to motivate Karen to lose weight. 




Karen says Rick leaves Honey Do lists around the house for her, telling her what to clean and how to clean it. She says he controls everything she does. Rick says he's old-fashioned, and housework is a woman's responsibility.


"If she'd just do what I tell her, we wouldn't have any problems."




Karen says Rick had an affair and then put the other woman's picture on his exercise machine for motivation. Rick says nothing happened, just kissing and heavy petting.



"How could I help it? She was all over me."