Do you know someone whose private persona is dramatically different from the face he or she shows to the world? Dr. Phil's guests say their mates lead a double life, and it's wreaking havoc on their relationships.


Fly-by-Night Fiancé?

Kerrylee found love online with a man named Al and thought he was a pilot fighting overseas in the war. After 32 months of cyber courtship, she's now engaged to this man she's never met.  



Is her Prince Charming really a toad in disguise?


Cyber Con Artist?

Dr. Phil sends private investigator Harold Copus to Florida to learn Al's true identity. You won't believe what he digs up!




"I guess honor is dead."



Beguiling Grandma!

Dean says his wife, Deb, has a split personality. For the past three years, she has pretended to be a hip 35-year-old with no kids, but she's actually a 52-year-old grandmother with three adult children! Deb says her alter ego gives her clout to manage rock bands.


Is Deb simply afraid of growing old?