Could a grave danger be lurking in your home? If you believe the headlines, you know that catching MRSA, also known as the Superbug, can have deadly consequences, but should you be concerned? How can you spot the danger and what can you do to stay safe? Dr. Phil gets to the bottom of these questions and others.


Fatal Infection

Melissa's son, Mark, was just 13 when he went to the hospital and wound up with MRSA. Learn about Melissa's tragic loss and why she thinks her son's death could have been prevented. 



"He was cheated out of his chance to survive."



Living with a Potential Killer 

Nineteen-year-old Stephanie has been battling the Superbug for almost a year. Get a firsthand account of her experience with the disease. Why has she survived? 



Find out what advice her doctor gave her that has Dr. Phil shocked and concerned.



Inside the System

Even doctors aren't immune to the Superbug. Dr. Drew O'Neal had an accident while on vacation, and what happened next changed his life forever. He shares his valuable insights as both doctor and patient. 


"So this has evolved by surviving the antibiotics and getting stronger and stronger."



Tainted Turf? 

Two years ago, Glenn was your average sophomore playing on his high school football team " until he contracted the Superbug right from the team's locker room. Find out what important lessons he learned that could help protect you and your children from the germ. 


"Parents should definitely not take this lightly."



How to Protect Yourself

Renowned pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears weighs in with the latest information and shows off products to keep on hand that could save your life.


Learn what every parent should know.