Too Pretty to Fly?

How would you feel if an airline banned you for how you looked? According to two young women, Sarah and Nisreen, they were banned from flying Southwest Airlines after being escorted off a plane by police. They say the airline had a problem with them for being "young and decent-looking" while their flight attendants were "middle-aged." Southwest denies treating the women unfairly because of their appearance and says the women used vulgar language, obscene gestures and aggressive behavior after an altercation with a fellow passenger and then a flight attendant. Dr. Phil hears from both sides of the incident, as well as a witness on the same flight.

Also joining the conversation is Kyla, a Southwest Airlines passenger who was once told to cover up because her skirt was too short, and two other passengers, Christina and Tarah, who say Southwest Airlines also discriminated against them. Christina and Tarah say they were escorted off a flight by police, possibly because they were women.

Read a statement from Southwest Airlines regarding Sarah and Nisreen, and Christina and Tarah.



"If You Want to Hang with Us, Don't Cuss!"

McKay is a 15-year-old on a mission to end cussing. He founded a No Cussing Club at his high school and wants to inspire others worldwide to stop swearing and examine the power of words. McKay's campaign has even motivated his city's mayor to pass a proclamation for a No Cussing Week in his hometown. Not everyone supports his passion. Joining him onstage is his father, Brent, who has to filter out all the threats and hate mail McKay gets on his web site, and Alexei, a fellow student who's vehemently against McKay's campaign and says swearing is a non-violent way to relieve stress.