Are you in love with being in love? Do you jump from relationship to relationship because you can't stand the thought of being single?


Addicted to Amor

Dawn, 42, says she's been hopping from guy to guy since she was 14, has been married and divorced four times, and is now in a three-year relationship and feeling the itch. Dawn's current boyfriend, Paul, feels like he's being used and says he's not ready to be her fifth ex-husband!


Is Paul really Dawn's true love or her next victim?



Commitment-Phobe Parent?

Dawn's 22-year-old son, Kurtis, says it's high time his mom settled down. He says he's witnessed her being abused by past lovers, and he wants her to stay with Paul.



Find out why Dawn's troubles may have started in childhood.



Standing by Her Man

Joanne says her cousin, Theresa, is obsessed with her boyfriend, Ken. She says Ken threw Theresa, her kids and all their belongings out on the front yard for the entire neighborhood to see, and she still took him back.  


Don't miss Dr. Phil's plan for mending this broken family.