When you walk down the aisle and say "I do," you look forward to a life of wedded bliss. But what if your soul mate turns into a stranger? Dr. Phil's guests say their spouses have become their worst nightmares.



From Heavenly to Hellish

Trish and Matt say their wedding day was full of love, joy and hope, but just months into the marriage, Trish became full of rage. For two years, she has been lashing out at her husband up to 15 times a day, even physically attacking him.


"When I get into one of my fits of rage, I can't control myself."



Mature Enough to Be Married?

Before Matt and Trish wed, an incident occurred that tested their trust. Was this a red flag that the wedding should have never taken place? And, recently Trish suffered through a difficult time, and she says not only did Matt fail to support her, he told her he hated her.


What is at the root of Trish's anger?



Losing it All?

Tracy says when her husband, Shawn, lost 350 pounds, she lost her sweet spouse and their kids lost their loving dad. She says Shawn is now an angry person obsessed with his appearance. They both admit that if they met today, they wouldn't have married.


"Shawn is trying to erase everything of his old life."



Viewers Voice Their Opinions

The DrPhil.com message boards lit up as viewers shared stories of how their spouses have changed over the years.




"My wife went from sweet to a screaming, hateful woman."