What if the person who's supposed to love, honor and cherish you becomes the person you fear the most? Dr. Phil's guests are women who say they were subjected to brutal assaults and violent outburtst by the men they loved.


Stalked, Kidnapped and Left for Dead

Jaycee says her ex-husband was a calm gentleman who rarely raised his voice. Just months into the marriage, she became suspicious of his controlling behavior, but she never expected him to attempt to kill her.


"There was no medical reason why I should have been alive."



Still Living in Fear

Jaycee's kids were shattered by the tragic shooting. What does Dr. Phil implore Jaycee to do? And, hear from Jaycee's friend who was on the phone with her during the attack, and a stalking expert from the L.A. District Attorney's office.


"I was looking for a father. Instead, he ended up shooting my mom."



Physical, Verbal and Sexual Abuse

Keri says she's been beaten, choked and sexually assaulted by her husband, Henry. She fears she may even die by his hands. Henry admits he's pushed his wife around but says Keri always strikes the first blow.


Is this couple ready to reconcile and live under the same roof?



Dr. Phil's Final Thoughts

"If you are in a physically abusive relationship, the thing to do is not stand up and go nose to nose with the abuser. That will get you hurt or killed. What you have to do is make a plan for your safe escape for you and your children. Reach out to those that you know love and care about you. It's not about being macho. It's not about standing up and fighting back."