Is your life in the ditch, and you can't see a way out of the quagmire? Dr. Phil's guests say they've lost money and careers, and now they fear losing their family.



Gambling with His Future?

Lisa says she feels betrayed because her estranged husband, Anthony, is leading a double life. She says Anthony had a great career as an accountant but was secretly gambling their money away. Now he's jobless, homeless and living in their minivan.


Anthony gives the Dr. Phil cameras a glimpse of his life on the streets.




Lose-Lose Situation?

Lisa says that Anthony's lies and infidelity crushed her. Their eldest daughter, Keegan, says her father's anger issues concern her the most. 



Can Anthony cash in his chips for good, or will his addiction cost him his family?



On the Brink of Disaster 

Shauna says her life is unbearable. She and her husband, Kevin, have filed for bankruptcy, the IRS is knocking at their door, and they're taking care of a terminally ill son. Shauna says Kevin's heavy drinking only adds to the chaos, but Kevin doesn't think he has a problem.


Is Shauna overreacting, or is Kevin an alcoholic in denial?