Are you tired of your kids talking back, being disobedient and acting up when they don't get their way? Along with Dr. Frank Lawlis, author of Mending the Broken Bond, Dr. Phil has advice for calming a chaotic household.



A Call for Help?

Jennifer says her 12-year-old daughter, Sydney, is out of control, and Jennifer's marriage to Craig is suffering as a result. She says Sydney hangs out with the wrong crowd and lies constantly. The teen even sent a topless photo from her cell phone to her boyfriend!


What's behind Sydney's behavior?


Sydney's Side

Sydney levels some startling accusations against both her parents, which they deny. Who's telling the truth, and can this family get back on track?



"I worry every day when I'm going to get the phone call."


Disrespectful Daughter?

Diane and Clayton say their 17-year-old daughter, Logan, is rude, doesn't do her chores and always breaks curfew. Logan wants her folks to get off her back because she'll be 18 soon, and she wants independence.


Find out what happens when Dr. Lawlis makes a house call.



Helping Kids in Need

Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation creates programs that educate, entertain and inspire seriously ill kids, and they serve more than 180,000 children a month.



Dr. Phil makes good on his promise to the organization!