Attention parents: If you wonder whether your teenager has a drug problem, pay close attention. What you may think is normal teen behavior can turn into big trouble fast.



Typical Teenager?

Dawn and Rick are at war with their 17-year-old son, Brad, whom they think has a drug addiction. Brad admits to smoking marijuana daily, but says that's just what teenagers do, and his talk with Dr. Phil will vindicate him.  


Drugs, rage and drunken brawls ...



Like Father, Like Son?

Brad's mother says his temper has gotten worse with his drug problem and admits she's sometimes scared of her own son. Brad says he learned how to deal with his anger from his father.  


"I just snapped in a second."



A Crossroads

Brad and his parents sit down with Dr. Frank Lawlis to discuss what their options are. Brad's temper flares when he hears that jail time could be in his future. Then, a month later, Brad makes a decision that may change his life.   


How is this family now?



Heroin Twins Update

Sarah and Tecoa are twin sisters who were addicted to heroin, living on the streets and prostituting for drugs when former guest, Joani, brought them to Dr. Phil. After another relapse, Tecoa disappears. Joani combs the streets of L.A. to bring her back. 

Sarah is a shining example of rehabilitation. Will her twin be one too?