Have you ever had the nagging feeling that something wasn't right with your relationship? Dr. Phil's guests say they saw several red flags before they walked down the aisle, but they looked the other way and still said, "I do."



Mixed-Orientation Marriage?

Randall and Shawne were happily married until Shawne found gay magazines in her husband's bag. Now Randall is out of the closet, and he's struggling to keep his family together. Shawne wants to know if they should stay married for their two pre-teen children or get a divorce.


How are the kids handling the news that their father is gay?



Throwing the Book at Him

Natalie says she's leaving if her husband, Robert, doesn't change his lazy ways. She says he hasn't worked in a year and that he watches TV while she works, cleans and pays bills. Robert says being a novelist is hard work, but Natalie says the book is an excuse to sit on his butt all day.


Is Robert a talented undiscovered writer or a mooching mate?



A Messy Situation

Selena says that her husband, Dan, treats her like a child when it comes to cleaning. Dan says Selena is lazy and disorganized, and wonders if she's responsible enough to have a baby.


You've got much bigger problems than what you're actually talking about."



Lazy Genes?

Kelly admits that she likes to lie around the house all day but fears that her children will follow in her footsteps.



What's behind Kelly's idle behavior?