If you think sexual predators are perverts who lurk in the bushes, on the Internet, or hang out at school yards, you couldn't be more wrong. What if they were a member of your family? What if you found out that your own child was molesting other children?

This show contains strong sexual content and language. Viewer discretion is advised.


A Boy in Pain
Parker is a 12-year-old boy who's been expelled from school for violent behavior and sexually assaulting other children. His mother, Sherie-Lynn, and her husband, Todd, have a suspicion about where Parker's behavior comes from. 

"I knew deep inside of me that he had been molested." 


Predator in the Family?
Sherie-Lynn thinks her father, Al, molested Parker because she says he sexually abused her as a child. Al admits to inappropriately touching Sherie-Lynn once when she was a baby, but
says she's just jealous of his bond with Parker.

Dr. Phil uncovers more than one of Al's victims.


Nowhere to Turn
Sherie-Lynn's mom, Elaine, says she witnessed the bathtub incident with Sherie-Lynn, as well as Al beating her with an extension cord. Why didn't she protect her daughter? And, Dr. Phil digs deeper into Al's history with his grandson.


"You've got a real credibility problem here." 


A Marriage of Convenience?
Sherie-Lynn stands by her painful recollections
of being molested by Al at ages 3 and 7. Whom does Elaine believe? Dr. Phil questions her about her marriage and commitment to Al.


"Our marriage has prospered."    


The conversation continues.