To what extremes would you go to get attention? Dr. Phil's guests are exhibitionists who reveal what makes them bare all just to get noticed.



Winning Streak?

Mark holds the unofficial streaking record of 444 streaks. He has snuck onto the field during the Super Bowl, the courts at Wimbledon and the ice at the 2006 Winter Olympics ... all in his birthday suit!


"I ripped my clothes off and started to Riverdance."



Center of Attention

Amethyst and her sister, Jennifer, say they are mortified when they're in public with their mother, Laura. They say she dances animatedly, sings loudly and introduces herself to strangers. Laura says her girls need to lighten up and have fun.


Is Laura really enjoying herself, or is something deeper driving her behavior?



Exposed and Humiliated

Tammy says she thought she had a great marriage until her husband turned her into an exhibitionist. She says he took nude pictures of her and posted them to a Web site where men claim they share their wives.


Was this an isolated event or an indication of widespread betrayal?



Keeping an Eye out for Voyeurs

Bob says he started as a Peeping Tom and graduated to exhibitionism. Now reformed, he wants to prevent others from becoming targets of these behaviors.



Learn tips to avoid falling victim to a pervert.