Dr. Phil delves into the emotional story of a father who has transitioned from a man to a woman, leaving two daughters struggling to understand how someone they loved so much could hurt them so badly. 



From Macho Cop to Glamorous Guard

Michael was a police officer, soldier and loving dad who lived as a male for 40 years. Two years ago, he began transitioning to female, and he now wants his daughters to call him Mikayla, Kayla or Mom, because he says Dad is gone.


"I was always meant to be a woman."



Angry, Lost and Confused

Christina, 21, and Carlie,13, say they used to be close with their father, but they haven't had a relationship since he started his transformation. They reunite with him onstage for the first time in two years.


"My father, in my mind, was murdered by Mikayla."



Selfish or Penniless?

Carlie's mother, Jennifer, says Kayla used to pay child support, but that now she's lucky to get any money from her. And, when Christina reads a heartfelt poem to Kayla, will she finally understand her daughters' point of view?


Can the father-daughter bond become a mother-daughter one?