It can make your heart race, cause major stress and make you scream in horror! Ladies, you know all about the pain of bathing suit season! Well, summer is almost here " why not solve the two-piece trauma once and for all?


Dramatic Success Stories

Margie, Kay and Wendy are three viewers who've had a combined weight loss of 353 pounds and 32 sizes with the help of Dr. Phil's book, The Ultimate Weight Solution. See their amazing results!


"I will never go back to the person I was before." 


Amazing Results in Just Four Weeks

Robin recruited five women for a beach body makeover. Sharon, Carol, Tani, Kim and Pam all wanted to shape up for summer, so Robin set them up with the best of the best when it comes to fitness, nutrition, hair, makeup and style. 


Nearly 40 pounds and 40 inches lost! 


Two-Piece Trauma

Cindy is a 42-year-old mother of two who says she's disgusted at the mere thought of getting into a swimsuit. She bravely models the Slimsuit that takes off inches the minute you put it on. 


See Cindy in the Slimsuit! 


In-Laws at Odds

Lin wants her daughter-in-law, Rebecca, to back off when it comes to making comments about her weight. Rebecca says she has to stir things up, or Lin will be overweight forever. Lin worries about the effect the comments have on her granddaughter.


Could Rebecca's comments about Lin be causing her own daughter to develop an eating disorder?


Find out how Rebecca is doing now!


Fifteen-Year Dry Spell

Jill hates her body so much that she hasn't let her husband see her without clothes in 15 years. She hasn't worn a bathing suit since her honeymoon, and she has to drink wine before she can be intimate with her husband. 


"When we have sex, I have on my oversize T-shirt."