They drain your finances and try to take you for all you've got. No, it's not the IRS, but family freeloaders! Dr. Phil has advice for putting your adult children on the road to independence.


Still King of All Moochers?

Adele was desperate to get her freeloading son, Ryan, out of her house. Now she says he's not contributing to the baby he has with his ex-girlfriend and is about to marry Tanya, a woman with a 5-year-old son.

Why does Ryan insist that he's a changed man?

Stephanie's Side

Ryan's ex-girlfriend, Stephanie, joins the show to explain why she feels Ryan is a deadbeat dad who should give up his parental rights. Now that Ryan and Tanya have another baby on the way, Ryan says he's serious about changing his mooching ways.

Will Ryan step up and be a father, or is Tanya getting a bum deal?

Moocher in the Middle

Stacey says her 42-year-old brother, Mark, lives in her basement and hasn't paid rent in three months. Mark says he can't get a job because he's just not a morning person. Stacey says her mother, Nell, is Mark's big enabler, but is Stacey just as guilty?

Will Mark hear the wake-up call before he finds himself on the streets?