Many girls grow up dreaming of their wedding day " the fairytale dress, the beautiful flowers, the delicious cake and the love of their life " but Dr. Phil's guests say their wedding bells hit a sour note. From a torrential downpour, to a deck filled with wedding guests crashing into a pool, to divorce papers drawn up just months after renewing vows " these guests say their nuptials turned into nightmares!

"A Huge Dream Shattered"

During Amy and Steve's nuptials, first sun scorched the guests, then rain came down, the arch fell and hit the pastor in the head, and the cake toppled over. Amy says it was a big joke and can't get over it. Steve says he had a blast.

"I want us to be able to enjoy life again together."

Guests Come Crashing Down

Shortly after Mandy and Kris said "I do," tragedy struck and a third-story deck they were standing on went tumbling into a pool. Ambulances rescued their family and friends, and Mandy and Kris spent their wedding night in the emergency room.


How can this couple overcome their guilt?

Shocked and Betrayed

Kurt and Brandi say they renewed their vows to give a fresh start to their seven-year marriage. Just months later, Kurt filed for divorce after he found out a secret Brandi had been keeping. 

How will polygraph test results affect the future of this union?