They've been called the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Twenty-six-year-old Josh Rich and his young bride, Kylee, became wrapped up in a story that read like a Hollywood screenplay. As newlyweds, the pair allegedly committed three armed bank robberies, using the money from one heist to pay for their honeymoon. Dr. Phil tells the tale of these two star-crossed lovers, from their first encounter through their action-filled arrests.


Young, in Love and Dangerous?

Dr. Phil sits face to face with Kylee as she lays out her version of events. Is she a hardened criminal who deserves to be behind bars, or a naïve little girl whose husband greatly took advantage of her?


"He said, 'I'm going to rob Wells-Fargo in Lindon, and you're going to help me.'"


From A Student to Armed Robbery

Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Kylee's parents, Cindy and Brett. How did she go from A student to armed robbery, and what was their role? Plus, Kylee stands face to face with her parents with an emotional plea.


Is there something these parents would have done differently?

Siblings Speak Out

Josh's family weighs in. His brothers and sisters describe the Josh they know and how his encounters with the law have affected them. Could Kylee have played a larger role in the robberies than she claims?


"I knew he was up to something, and I knew it was no good."

Kylee's Sentencing

Facing up to 20 years in prison, Kylee finally faces a judge for sentencing. Will the scales of justice tip in her favor? Follow her family to the conclusion of this emotional journey and find out.


Does Kylee get what she deserves?


Dr. Phil's final thoughts: Parents, let me just make a word of caution here to you. Don't assume that this kind of thing just happens to people that you read about in the newspaper or somebody on the other end of town. When drugs are involved, logic is suspended. Kids can make really bad decisions. You have to stay in tune to keep them from making those bad decisions. Stay tuned. We'll continue to update this story.