Dr. Phil's team of medical experts are back to answer any and every medical question! These four physicians with four different medical specialties are armed with an endless warehouse of health information.


The Doctors Are In!

The medical dream team weighs in on controversial headlines from uterus transplants to water intoxication.


"No one would ever expect water to kill you."

Mysterious Morgellons

Judith says she suffers from Morgellons, a frightful disease that causes painful lesions on the skin that contain multi-colored fibers. Judith is frustrated because she's had Morgellons for 10 years but says doctors tell her it's all in her head.


What does Dr. Phil think? 


Uterus Blues

Dorine says her life has been unbearable ever since her uterus dropped out two years ago. She says she can't exercise, go to the beach or even have sex because of her condition.


Is surgery the only answer?


What's on Your Mind?

Dr. Phil goes in his mailbag to answers viewers' most embarrassing questions, with help from his medical panel. Then, several audience members get a chance to grill the physicians.


See what question made Robin blush! 

Plastic Surgery Nightmare?

Samantha went in for simple breast implants but says she was horrified with the results. In the past three years, she's had four implants and 16 surgeries to correct what is now a deformed right breast.


What can Samantha do to move forward with her life?