Are you stuck in a rut? Learn how to get out of it before it's too late. Dr. Phil welcomes Bishop T.D. Jakes back to the show. He's a renowned pastor and motivational speaker and says he's in the business of mending the broken. Maybe that's why Time magazine and CNN refer to him as "America's Best Preacher." His book, Reposition Yourself, is inspiring people to live life without limits!

"America's Best Preacher"

Bishop T.D. Jakes wants you to live your life to the fullest! He's a filmmaker, playwright, Grammy winner and bestselling author, so he ought to know how it's done!  


"Success is never accidental; it is always intentional."


A Liar and a Thief?

Theresa says she's been lying to her husband, Andy, about her spending habits for four years. Andy recently moved out and is ready to file for divorce because his wife's carelessness with money has put them in debt.


Theresa thinks they owe $13,000. Andy says it's more like $200,000.


Getting Back in the Game

Kelly says all the men she gets involved with end up cheating on her. She wants to know how she can trust again.   


Is she just choosing the wrong men?


Mother/Daughter Rift

Yvonne says she worries about her 23-year-old daughter, Amanda, because she continues to make poor choices in boyfriends. Amanda wishes her mother would butt out of her life and stop being so judgmental.


Does Yvonne have a reason to be concerned?