A recent study shows that the number of men and women having extramarital affairs is on the rise. Could your spouse be cheating on you? Dr. Phil's guests are struggling with the aftermath of infidelity.


Caught Between His Wife and His Ex

Jessica says she discovered her husband, Ryan, cheating on her with his ex-wife April. Ryan admits to having a one-night sexual encounter, but April says the affair occurred for more than a year.


 Dr. Phil drills down to determine who's telling the truth.



Where Do They Go from Here?

After a private discussion backstage, Jessica and Ryan rejoin Dr. Phil. Did Ryan reveal any new information to Jessica? 


"I don't know what to believe."



Chat Room Cheater

Daniel admitted to his wife, Karen, that he had an emotional affair with a woman he met online. Only days before coming to the show, he confessed that the affair was sexual. He says he's sorry and wants to put his family back together.


Will Karen take Daniel back?