Are you ignoring warning signs in your relationship? Is there something that concerns you that you haven't addressed yet? Dr. Phil warns his viewers: Don't think your problems will go away once you walk down the aisle " face the issues now before it's too late! 


This show contains strong sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised. 


Seven Years of Secrets?

Elaine admits she knew something was off about her husband, Michael, before she married him, but she ignored the signs. Now seven years later, she wishes she had never even met him because of the terrible lies and secrets she discovered. 


 "I'm white-knuckling, trying to control myself," Michael says.



Shocked, Repulsed and Disgusted

Elaine describes her husband as a sick pervert she won't even kiss. She says if Michael doesn't come clean with all of his lies, she will divorce him.  


Are there more skeletons in Michael's closet? 



Protecting the Children

A recent shocking discovery has Elaine fearful that Michael could harm their two children. Dr. Phil offers Michael a chance to prove his innocence with a polygraph exam. 


 "You need to find out whether he's thought about these daughters."



Polygraph Results

Dr. Phil reads the polygraph results. Where does this couple go from here?  


 "Have you ever touched any child for sexual purposes?"