Family squabbles are hard to avoid â€"- especially during the holidays â€"- but what happens when that behavior escalates to cursing, yelling and even physical attacks? Dr. Phil sits down with a family on the brink of falling apart.


A Drama King?

Loretta says she's tired of the constant drama in her household, and she blames her husband, Devin. She says he's selfish and verbally abuses their 18-year-old twin daughters, Ashley and Amy. Devin says he's the innocent one and his wife and daughters are disrespectful.


Who's telling the truth? 



Playing Favorites

Amy and Ashley say their father neglects them while treating their 4-year-old brother, Tyler, like royalty. Devin says his daughters are the ones who turned away.


"Tyler is his unconditional love right now."



Caught on Tape

A few years ago, Devin videotaped Amy when she came home drunk to teach her a lesson. How does she react when she sees the footage in its entirety? Plus, Loretta says if Devin doesn't change his behavior, then she's ready to kick him to the curb.


Is there hope for this divided family?