As the nation faces a collapsing economy, record job losses and a foreclosure crisis, is your marriage strong enough to survive? Bishop T.D. Jakes, renowned pastor and author of Before You Do, joins Dr. Phil to discuss how families can brave a financial firestorm.


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Turbulent Times

Bishop Jakes weighs in on Barack Obama's historic election, and the challenges he faces " not only as the nation's first African-American president, but as chief executive officer of a country in chaos. 


"This is not really about color; it's about leadership."



In over Their Heads

Karen says she and her husband, Walter, were living the American Dream: a loving marriage, a beautiful home and a 20-acre farm. But when she quit her job for health reasons two years ago, bills began piling up, and Karen fears her spouse is cracking under the pressure.


Find out what Karen says her husband did that pushed her over the edge. 



Rebuilding a Marriage

Dr. Phil drills down to the root of Walter and Karen's problem to see if their marriage can be saved. And, learn what brings Karen to tears.


Can Dr. Phil and Bishop Jakes get the couple back on track?



Shiftless Spouse?
Sherida and Brandon have been married for three months, but they say their relationship is already on the rocks. Brandon has a law degree, but Sherida says he refuses to get a job, and she's tired of being the sole provider. Brandon says he's waiting on a higher power to provide.


Can Sherida and Brandon salvage their union, or should she cut her losses?