Would you return a diamond ring if a jeweler gave you the wrong one by mistake? Is it fair for a company to ask an employee to lose weight? Dr. Phil's guests are fighting back against what they believe are injustices.


Costly Proposal

Eddie says he had already proposed to his fiancée, Ashley, when the jewelry store called and dropped a bombshell. He had accidentally been given another customer's ring -- of a much greater value -- and the store wanted it back. He finally has his day in court - on Dr. Phil's stage!


Should Eddie be held responsible for the jeweler's mistake? 



Too Big to Bartend?

Virginia was a bartender for a popular nightspot in Los Angeles, but says her employer asked her to lose five pounds and reassigned her to the kitchen. Virginia says she's always been a size 6, and the ordeal has damaged her self-confidence.


Attorney Gloria Allred weighs in on gender stereotypes in the workplace. 



Barking up the Wrong Tree?

Trevor says Chloe, the dog next door, constantly barks and interrupts his sleep and meditation time. His neighbors, Ric and Sandy, say Trevor is the only one in the community who complains about their pooch.


Can these feuding neighbors reach a compromise?