Marriage is supposed to be about compromise, but what happens when one partner says, "It's my way or the highway"? Dr. Phil's guests come to terms with their mismatched expectations of the sacred union.


Gay Man in a Woman's Body

Matthew and Lianna wed just a few months ago, and say their marriage is already in trouble. Matthew says Lianna's passion for dressing in drag is a potential deal breaker.  


"You're not really a drag queen, because you're a girl?"


Dragging the Relationship Down?

Matthew's mother, Marilyn, agrees that dressing up in outrageous outfits and hitting the town is a strange hobby for her daughter-in-law, and she doesn't approve. And, Matthew struggles with the gay culture that surrounds his wife's hobby.


Can Lianna and Matthew find common ground?


Marriage Sabbatical
Can time off save Shawna and John's 13-year marriage? Shawna has devised a plan to separate from her husband for one year with no consequences. See how John reacts to the news!